SAFFA Fleet Sheet 2014

Kwa Zulu Natal

Sail no Boat Name Division Owner Skipper/Crew
2512 Ffiore 11 Classic Jeremy Kriek
2766 Femme fatale Classic Rob Bowman Rob Bowman, Iain Bowman
2841  Ffiddler  Classic  Hemraj Gokal  Hemraj Gokal,
2913 F3 Classic Jonty Campbell (Vaal dam) Jonty Campbell
2915 Fflight Classic Warren Clark / Jeremy Beckett
3007 Fokkens Fantastic Classic Rudi Fokkens  Rudi Fokkens, Hannah Fokkens
3008 Ffion Classic Dave Mealin
3009 Ffenominal Classic Mike Wright/RNYC
3205 Financial Fling Classic Patrick Harris
3207 Dragonfly Classic Dominic Collett Dominic Collett, Marco Collett
3251 Faithfull Classic Simon Musgrove Simon Musgrove
3867 Ffothermucker Kriek / Freedom 15 Myles White Myles White, Estelle Buys
3868 Ffoxxoff Kriek / Freedom 15 Paul Changuion / Tim Duguid Paul Changuion, Tim Duguid
3869 Bad Influence Kriek / Freedom 15 Mike Wright Mike Wright
3870 Freyja Kriek / Freedom 15 Gregg Hurter Gregg Hurter
3871 Firefly Kriek / Freedom 15 Craig Campbell Craig Campbell, Lucky Phakathi
3872 Flying Purple Turtle Kriek/ Freedom 15  Anthony Macmillan Anthony Macmillan
3993 Ffullerene Kriek (carbon) / Freedom 15 Campbell Alexander Campbell Alexander,
 3999  Ffigjam  Kriek (carbon) / Freedom 15  Jeremy Kriek / Patrick Harris  Patrick Harris, Jeremy Kriek

Western Cape

 Sail no Boat Name    Owner
Fast Forward Classic M Compton
114 Puff Classic J Galbraith
114 Fledermaus Classic Garth Lee
1313 Fancy Free Classic A Rush
1315 First Fever Classic T Dyer
1358 Fast Fellas Classic Keith Davidson jr
1359 Firefly Classic Alistair Peden
1766 Ffantasy Classic E Ribbinic
1771 Fanciful Classic Karlwim Heese
2583 Fabulous Fun Classic Alistair Peden
2731 Full Force Classic Paul Roos
2764 Fanciful (Flabbergast) Classic Anton Nel
Classic Erica Norrie
2768 Classic Keith Davidson
2914 Foxtrot Four Classic Alex Cousins
3206 Foxfire Classic Tristan Bews


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  1. Dave Holmes

    Thanks for the reply to my question about a register on the old website. I have a FF called “Phoebe” named after a WW11 Destroyer. I am refurbishing it currently. I am a member of the False Bay Yacht Club where I sail on a deep keeler when I can get down there, but hope to have Phoebe on the water soon. I will avail you of my sail number shortly. – Dave Holmes

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