Fleet news, and boat changes

The 2015/2016 sailing season is about to kick off, but there have been some exciting developments in recent months. In no particular order:

  1. Mike and Heidi Kavanagh have accepted the role of “Fleet Motivator” for the RNYC Ffleet, so please pay attention to their communications, and comply with their appeals.
  2. Mike and Heidi have also placed an order with Jeremy Kriek to build them a brand new boat – but the specification is for wooden decking, as is the case with their current boat, Femme Fatale. That in turn means that we will have another Classic boat looking for a new owner in the not too distant future.

  3. Welcome back to the Ffleet Clinton Hendrie and Mike Prior. They have managed to acquire 3007 “Ffury”, which has not touched the water for the past 5 years at least. She has been renamed “Flirty Fifteen”, and will be swelling the numbers of Classics on the water.

  4. With Steve Hegerstrom now living and working in Central Africa, Anthony Macmillan has acquired “Focus Pocus” and sailing with his girlfriend Lorna Daniel has already proven that he will be contesting toward the front end of the Ffleet this season.

With all these positive developments it will surely be a terrific sailing season.